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I run a motorcycle riding events company, putting ridiculous miles on my bike each year through all kinds of weather conditions. When I started to search for a good leather jacket, I had no idea how difficult it was going to be, or how long it would take me to find one. I bought endless brand name jackets that I assumed would be quality leather and provide the details a rider needed. What I got instead was a string of stiff leather with nothing a rider could use. The back of the jacket would rise up to expose my lower back while sitting on the bike, or I couldn't move my arms to reach my grips as the cut wasn't made for movement. Pockets always seemed like a last minute inclusion. But the worst of it all was that the dang things NEVER fit!! I'd constantly be sending them back for another size, only to end up sending that back as well and requesting a refund. Consider yourself lucky if you've stumbled onto Fox Creek Leather at the beginning of your search, for search will be over quickly!

I knew by the size of the box that Fox Creek Leather was different. It was much smaller. Afraid it was a lesser quality leather to be folded up like that, I opened the box and reached in for the jacket. As soon as my hand touched it, my whole reference for "soft leather" changed. How is it possible to have such thick protection and yet be so pliable and soft? When I pulled it out, I was shocked by how light weight it was although the leather was thick. The moment of truth came when I put it on. I didn't feel like I had the entire weight of a cow on my back! I went and sat on my bike and was actually more comfortable! The expansion in the shoulders is extremely well placed. The fitted waist line keeps the jacket where you want it, and amazingly it does not ride up in the back or make a gap in the front you when sit on your bike. Instead, it seems to actually hug you more.

The sleeves contour down your arm to your wrist in a tight fit, not allowing any cold air to rush in. The zip out inner lining also has an attached neck guard to eliminate the notorious distance between a leather jackets collar and you neck. This is a huge advantage as additional neck bulk really gets in the way of a comfortable ride. The pockets are amazing, and perfectly placed.

Negatives on the jacket are minimal; The zip out lining can be a tad bulky under the arms. I ordered the size recommended on the site and it fit great, but was big in the top of the shoulders so this may be unique to me. The only other negative is the collar itself does not snap down when the jacket is zipped all of the way up, which causes concerns for the dreaded material flap in the wind. This being by my neck may be an issue, which I'll fix with a bit of Velcro if need be.

True leather motorcycle riding jackets that are cut for a women are incredibly rare on the market. I've found a few companies who specialize in them, but being a smaller rider with an hour glass shape, I never could find one that fit ME.

THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU Fox Creek Leather!! After seven years of searching I have finally found a jacket worthy of my riding!!

Throttle Girl, Moab, UT


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