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Preparing for a Winter Roadtrip

Biker Road Trip

How to Prepare For a Safe Roadtrip

Not much can compete with traveling the open road on a motorcycle. For many, the sense of freedom is unparalleled, and itís the only way to travel. If you are planning your first motorcycle roadtrip, take time to plan it out well. Roadtrips on motorcycles require more planning than do trips in the car, but if you do it right youíll guarantee yourself a vacation to remember.

Key points to consider before you begin planning your trip include length of the journey, destination point, and, of course, where you plan to stay. Intertwined with those considerations, however, should be the safety component of the trip, and that starts with packing wisely.

Pack for Safety

As with any form of travel, safety should be your number one focus when planning a roadtrip on your motorcycle. So, the first step to successful planning is to make sure you pack a complete safety kit so you stand a fighting chance against any worst case scenario you may be confronted with while on the road. The kit should include the following items:

         First aid kit: This should already be on your motorcycle, but for extended road trips youíll want to not only supplement what you already have, but also incorporate additional items. These might include burn creams (aloe gel works great), multiple sizes of bandages, and instant ice packs.

         Mini Repair Kit: Duct tape, Sparkplugs, chain oil, fuses, bulbs, and tools (ex: pliers, wrench). They donít take up much room, but work wonders for temporary repairs until you can reach a repair shop or safe location.

         Roadside emergency kit: A flashlight and LED-powered road flares are especially important.

Donít forget your cell phone charger, a GPS system AND map (in case the system malfunctions), bottled water, energy bars, waterproof gear, multiple clothing layers, and the all-important tire repair kit. It sounds like a lot, and it can be if you add a lot of nonessentials. When you pack these items, divide them so that when you stow them all on your bike the weight will be as balanced as possible.

Are You Covered?

Before you hit the road, make sure that youíre fully covered in case youíre involved in an accident. Drivers are five times more likely to be injured in motorcycle accidents than those in cars, so consider adding supplemental insurance for your trip, too. If you plan on driving from Texas to Florida, for example, and you get into an accident, wouldnít you feel more confident about dealing with a Houston or Jacksonville car accident lawyer knowing that youíre fully protected, instead of having to worry about it?

Communicate Your Plans

This tip is important for everyone, whether youíre travelling alone or in a group. Itís critical that you touch base with loved ones and inform them of your itinerary. Your trip is going to consist of a lot of long, lonely stretches of road, and if something happens to you that prohibits you from communicating your needs, you have better chance of surviving it if others are aware of your location. Consider a tracking app, so that if something does go wrong your friends and family can help locate you right away.

A roadtrip on a motorcycle can be the experience of a lifetime, or it can be a complete nightmare. It all depends on how well you plan it out ahead of time. Pack with safety and survival in mind, make sure your friends and family know where youíll be, and review your current insurance coverage. If you do those things, once you hit the open road, youíll have such an amazing experience you may never want to return.






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