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Phenomenal Thor Riding Gear
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In the world of motorsports, there is arguably no other franchise that has addressed the needs and plight of riders like Thor. With over 40 years of experience in motorsports wear, Thor has become a leading brand and a favorite to a large majority of professional motorsports champions and it is no wonder that it has been able to retain its clientele base while expanding into new frontier over the past four decades. Thor has made a name for itself due to its personalized care for the needs of riders, who feel more complete and safer when dressed in Thor riding gear. This company makes every piece of clothing and riding gear riders need. These include socks, goggles, riding boots, helmets, gloves, casual apparels, jackets, mud suits, jerseys and gloves. Founded by a 4-time motocross champion, Thor today sponsors leading motocross sportsmen, a factor that gives it an advantage over its rivals in the game.

A cut above the rest

However, it is not just about getting the big names to market their products. Thor produces riding gear that is of very high quality, with the design appeal in most of their products serving as the icing to the cake. In the world of motocross, there is hardly a brand name that can sincerely lay claim to visual appeal as Thor and its products. Thor riding gear is very friendly for dirt biking because they do not get stained easily by dirt. Moreover, their apparels have good internal design that ensures that riders are comfortable during their riding session s and the good internal environment in them promotes resistance to extreme weather conditions such as hot weather and winter. In addition, Thor riding gear has an unrivaled long lasting grip level. Most riders will bear witness that Thor gloves and shoes have very good grip which is very essential in reducing accidents and enhancing performance.

Perhaps what makes Thor riding gear to be way ahead of the rest is the fact that the company gets a lot of input and advice from professional riders whom it contacts to put to test their products and give their opinion which helps in product analysis and improvement. This is rarely the case with their competitors and could explain why Thor products tend to outperform and outlast their competitors' products.

Keeping up trend is the way to go for most of their competitors. However, Thor seems to be always a step ahead of the rest and they have taken it upon themselves to set the pace in this market. Take for example their goggles which are very stylish, durable and most importantly very accommodative to the eye because of their light weight and high end technology which 'neutralizes' even the brightest of sunny days to ensure that riders are not affected by the sun's brightness. brings all thor riding gear at really affordable cost. As well as PSI offer free shipping. Click here for more information

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