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Hiring A Motorcycle Transport Company V. Doing It Yourself

There are several different ways to transport a motorcycle. Many owners opt for the do-it-yourself route thinking that itís easier than the hassle of dealing with a transport company. The do-it-yourself method works just fine for most bike owners, but there is a catch.

Moving a bike on your own can save you money, however, it can also cost you significant money if something were to happen during transit. This is where auto transport companies provide value for bike owners by offering liability and cargo insurance that covers your bike while itís being shipped.

Another advantage of having a professional transport company handle your bike shipping needs is that they have the experience and knowledge to make sure everything is done correctly. Simply tying down a bike in the back of a truck or trailer may work for short distances, but when it comes to long distance or interstate motorcycle transport, it really pays to have your bike professionally secured and insured during shipping.

Transporting A Muscle Bike - What To Know                                                 

If you choose a motorcycle transporter to move your bike for you, there are several options to choose from which offer slightly different services. Here are some of the different ways to securely and safely ship a bike:


Uncrated motorcycle shipping

With uncrated transport, bikes are secured in a trailer using safety straps, floor mounts or both. This is a very common and cost effective way to have your bike safely transported over long distances.

Crated motorcycle shipping

Crated transport offers more protection since bikes are securely enclosed in a wooden crate, which does a better job of keeping out the elements and protecting things like custom paint jobs or modifications.

Pallet shipping

Pallet shipping entails securing the motorcycle to a wooden pallet using high tension straps--similar to uncrated transport--before moving the bike.

Container shipping

Container shipping involves securing your bike in a large moving container, sometimes with other bikes or autos that are also being transported at the same time.

About A1 Auto Transport: has been providing long distance and international motorcycle transport services for more than three decades. Their auto transport specialists are happy to answer any questions you may have about motorcycle transport by visiting their website or calling 1-800-452-2880.

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