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The Value of A Fox Creek Jacket...A True Story

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Classic I is the Bee's Knees
R.A. Gentry wearing his Classic I

On Jan 19th, 2013, I lost the front end of my Road King by braking on pavement covered with unseen sand, and not letting go of the brakes fast enough. It slammed down on it's left side, pinning my left foot, and dragging me with it. I felt my jacket start to slide up in the back (I was being drug on my left side), I thought "wonder if it'll slide all the way up and tear up my skin"? Well, surprise, it stopped moving after about an inch and a half. The leather was too thick to fold up or accordion on me.

Later that night, at the Oklahoma University Medical Center Trauma Unit, in Oklahoma City, the Attending Physician told me the padding on the back of the waist on my jacket probably saved my kidney from extremely severe trauma. I had a huge bruise over my kidney.

The outside of the jacket showed no damage whatsoever. I have given this jacket as a gift to my Grandson, and had just borrowed it for the evening. I will be ordering myself a new one, ASAP. Incredible luck that I was wearing a Fox Creek Leather bad a-- jacket. Thanks for saving my hide!

-- R.A. Gentry, Spencer, OK

4th Annual Customer Appreciation Ride
4th Annual Customer Appreciation Ride
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Saturday, September 21
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