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Digital Guard Dawg, No Key

Special Offer for Muscle Bikes of America Readers: 

GO KEYLESS now and save over 50%      

Just imagine how awesome it would be to simply get on your bike and ride, then get off and just walk away always knowing your bike is completely secure and never needing a key again!  That's the power and convenience of the Digital Guard Dawg - KEYLESS IGNITION system, and now through a special group buy arrangement between Digital Guard Dawg and Muscle Bikes of America through the end of the month, Muscle Bikes of America readers can own the award winning DGD-KIM KEYLESS IGNITION for only $264.00 that’s over 50% off the regular $429.00 price.

2Go Keyless, Digital Guard Dawg

Since the DGD-KIM Keyless Ignition system was introduced from Digital Guard Dawg almost 5 years ago, it has been embraced by everyone from the great Arlen Ness to the Victory Police bike division to the officers of the US President’s motorcade, along with several thousand individual riders.    This five star rated product will completely eliminate your bike's ignition switch and all the hassles associated with using keys. No more taking your gloves off and on to search your pockets for keys.  No more keys to scratch your paint, to fumble with or fall out of the lock or your pocket and lose. But it gets better!  When you "Go Keyless" you not only eliminate your keys, but also your entire Ignition switch.  This new freedom can open up all sorts of new possibilities for enhancing the look of your bike with custom dash designs, new accessories or custom paint work. Even more important, you will never again wonder "If" you remembered to lock your Ignition when you left your bike. It all happens automatically!

KJeyless Key, No Key, Digital Guard Dawg

Operating your bike couldn’t be easier, just carry one of the systems digital RFID “Dawg Tags” in your pocket. As you approach your bike, the system recognizes your unique Dawg Tag. You just climb on, flip your Run switch, Thumb the start button and GO!

RFID Dawg Tags (Radio-Frequency Identification Device) provide completely "Hands Free" operation of your bikes ignition. Dawg Tags are motion activated and will only authorize your Ignition to operate when you are within a range.

Each Tag is completely unique with over 6 billion different code combinations. Dawg Tags can be cross-programmed allowing one tag to operate multiple bikes. You can also easily select between Automatic or Manual modes, via the Dawg Tag, giving you complete control of how and when the system arms and disarms. 


Unbeatable Security  

When we say secure we mean it!  Unlike most common alarms that simply interrupt the starter circuit and can be easily defeated. The system becomes the gateway for all your bikes electrical, so when the DGD-KIM arms, every circuit on your bike is completely immobilized! No other product gives you this level of protection.


One day all bikes will be keyless, but if you’re a rider who likes being at the head of the pack, then the Digital Guard Dawg™ Keyless Ignition Module can bring you tomorrow’s technology today. Losing your keys has never felt so good!


Don’t miss out on this special offer exclusively for Muscle Bikes of America Readers to GO KEYLESS for only $264.00    

*** Offer good on DGD-KIM and DGD-KIM-HD systems through 5.31.1


Learn more about the DGD-KIM Keyless Ignition

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