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Motorcycle Gymkhana

Motorcycle gymkhana for road legal motorcycles, where riders manoeuvre in the shortest time through a paved course restricted by traffic cones(other obstacles) too improve cycling skill or for just pure entertainment.

Its origins began in Japan around 35 years ago and never took off anywhere else in the world, however there are a few small groups of people such as myself that are determined to help this sport grow and improve riding standards on Britain's roads.

Rule 1 - You must be fully road legal.
  • Full riders licence
  • Current mot and insurance certificates
  • Current tax disc
  • All of which will need to be produced on day of sign up
  • Bikes will have have to pass basic scrutineering.

Rule 2 - You must provide own safety gear.
Riders are generally required to wear a full-face, racing-style motorcycle helmet. Open-face and half helmets are not recommended. Motorcycle gloves, elbow, shoulders, chest, and back protectors are recommended. Other choices for protection are a leather jacket or a leather racing suit with built-in protectors. On the lower body, riders are recommended to wear knee protectors on top of pants. Protectors for hips and shins are also recommended. Riders may wear boots without laces, or racing boots.

Rule 3 - No drugs and alcohol - NORMAL ROAD LAWS APPLY.

Rule 4 - Any anti-social behaviour will guarantee an instant group ban.

Rule 5 - Inappropriate and dangerous ridding will not be tolerated.

*Rules will be updated where needed.

Point system
The objective is to get the fastest lap time without accumulating any penalties. Penalties are added to the final lap time and are deducted as follows:
  • 3-seconds for each time a foot is placed on the ground
  • 3-seconds for touching or knocking over a course cone
  • 15-seconds for deviating from the correct line of course

  • Lap times are taken between the exit and entry of the Start/Finish gate.
  • Timing starts at the signal of the timekeeper and can be verbal instruction or use of electronic timing gear with audible and visual "go" lights.
  • Timing stops when a rider's rear wheel enters the Start/Finish gate and the rider's wheels have come to a full stop. A 3-second penalty is giving to a rider who fails to stop inside the Start/Finish gate.

General Information
Not only does it provide a fun day out but also improves rider ability, which helps you make yourself a better and safer rider on the public highway.
It does't matter what skills you have as a rider, the type or size of motorcycle all are welcome and your skills are guaranteed to improve. You just have to be willing so i ask you are you up for the challenge.

For more information:

Intersting concept.  Ed.
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