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Use Your Smart Phone to Keep an Eye on Your Motorcycle
Guard Dawg Tracker

Digital Guard Dawg, a top manufacturer of motorcycle security products, announces a new low cost security tracking system that uses your smart phone to protect your motorcycle called the “Guard Dawg Tracker”.

Guard Dawg Tracker immediately notifies you via your smart phone if your motorcycle is moved or tampered with. If your bike is actually being stolen Guard Dawg Tracker will not only alert you; but even show your motorcycle’s exact location, all in real time. If necessary, you can even shut down your bikes starting system right from your phone.

Digital Guard Dawg CEO Bruce McKinley says; “We waited to develop a GPS tracking product until the new 2nd generation GPS/GSM chip sets became available. Most other tracking systems use older technology that is much bulkier, less accurate and more expensive. The Guard Dawg Tracker product provides a very high degree of security by giving the motorcycle owner the ability to keep constant watch over their motorcycle when away. The small size of the system; only (˝ x 2” x 3”), makes finding a mounting location simple on any bike and it installs easily with only 3 wires.  We also built a nice group of additional convenience features into the system. The system will send you notifications if your battery voltage begins to get low and can even notify you when scheduled maintenance items are due for service. There's also a mapping feature built right in that lets you review your rides on Google maps. You can note specific points of interest along the ride or places you would like to return to. Most attractive though is the low price point we were able to achieve, coming in at almost ˝ of what other comparable systems are selling for.”

Guard Dawg Tracker

Based in Folsom CA, Digital Guard Dawg manufactures Keyless Ignition and Security products for Automobiles, Motorcycles, Boats and Commercial vehicles.
Learn more by visiting or by calling 877-246-5395
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