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Two Guys from Toronto on a Road Trip

Hello Everybody,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

My wife and I decided to do something different for the Christmas Holidays and went to Cancun, Mexico. We had a great time with our son and his family.

We did all the turista stuff , spent lots of money buying souveniers, eating, spending money, eating and several visits to Senoir Frogs and Margaritaville.

One day we set aside for a tour to Chichen Itza.

 We wanted to be there on Dec 21st when the world was to come to an end. Its a famous Maya ruin, considered one of the 7 Wonders of the New World.

Muscle Bikes of America Blog

We were very disappointed. It turns out that the Maya never predicted the end of the world, just the beginning of a new era. Oh well, so much for flaming asteroids crashing into the earth, or earthquakes. It

was just another day. We saw a lot of people omming and channeling the Maya Gods. Reminds me of the '60's. But , they say if you remember the 60's you weren't really there.

Muscle Bikes of America Blog

Anyway, while we were there we ran into a couple of guys from Toronto, Canada. They were traveling down to Costa Rica on their motorcycles.

Muscle Bikes of America Blog

Danny and Alex

They are blogging their trip and with their permission we are going to be posting it daily as we recieve their updates. Its a story I think you will all enjoy. How many of you would like to be doing the same

thing? If you have any stories to pass on about a trip, activity or what have you while riding your bikes email them to me and we will post it here. We are picking up their Blog from the day the world did not

end and follow them forward

Jim Matthews, Publisher

Heading for Belize Dec/25/2012

26 Dec

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We say good buy to Isla Mujeres and head on out to Cancun back to Augustin’s and Dylan’s place. Even on Christmas Day we caught these two wrench heads mingling in the garage. Bikes were ready for another lag of the journey with new brakes and oil. We start organizing our stuff when Alex starts looking for his wallet. Retracing his steps and searching the shop without any luck. Of course it had all his credit cards, license and cash that he just took out minutes prior. After a few minutes of hopeless searching, Dylan offer him a ride back accross town to the ferry and hopefully the cab has returned there and hopefully the wallet is there. Slim chance right? Well, not only that the cab was there but the wallet was on the back seat. Well that was a big relief for the both of us as it would have jeopardize this trip greatly. Not as much the credit cards as much as the license. No license, no border crossing. Sadly we have to say good bye to these two guys who helped us out so much. At some point I would like to get Dino more. The guy who pointed us to the back at the gas station. Augustin has told me some stories about him and he seems like a character. They guide us out of town, Augustin on his 1200R and Dylan on his Yamy 660 Raptor and along the Mayan Riviera we go.
150km of hotel beside hotel all the way to Tulúm. Sadly without any public access to the beach for the locals or the regular Joe traveling through. We stop off in Tulúm to get something to eat and to take a look at the Mayan ruins there. From what I have gathered, it is the only ones that are by the ocean. Before heading out to the ruins we grab some food at a nice restaurant with a not so nice waiter that kept poking our food with his finger showing us where the fish is on the plate. Once at the ruins, to avoid the insanely high parking of $6 per bike we park in the no parking zone. Guy comes out and after asking how much the bikes cost and how fast they are, he happily let us stay there. Alex chose to stay behind again so I went for a walk to the entrance 10 minutes away. As soon as I saw the lineup I tuned right around and went back.

Just before sundown we hop back on and head for a long ride that drags way into the night all the way to the Belizian border at Chetumal with the intention of crossing the next morning.

Day off Dec/24/2012

25 Dec

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…and that goes for taking a day off blogging too. Hanging with friends and working on my tan while keeping my temperature down with the help of a few Sols.


Beaching It Dec/23/2012

24 Dec

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….we enjoyed this place so much so we booked another night and will be leaving on Christmas morning. A fairly uneventful day today consisting of the usual such as beaching, snorkeling and dining. For this who haven’t visited I highly recommend Isla Mujer. If you are looking for white beaches and green ocean, want to get out of the all inclusive but are skeptical about a big cultural shock, this is the place. A fishing town with a relaxed atmosphere that leaves the craziness of Cancún across the channel. An infinite number of hotels in any price range for anyone to put the perfect package together. Dozens of restaurants to change your flavour at anytime.
Visiting the underwater museum was a cool sight. Make sure they don’t leave you in the water too long though. Our boat split to a dive site and left us behind for about an hour and a half. Later I spent another half an hour defrosting in the hotel’s shower.

We hooked up with Romana, Mark and the kids later for dinner. Little three year old Racer was the center of entertainment as we were getting lectures on asteroids and meteorites. After a half a meter of tequilas and a few more complimentary ones from the Italian owner we called it the night….


It Always Works Out Dec/22/2012

23 Dec

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So I get an email this morning from my friend Romana that they are flying out to Isla de Mujer in a few hours and if we are near by. It takes little to convince us, and after Alex’s confirmation we set out. Both bikes needed some service anyway and there is BMW dealer in Cancún.
As we are filling up 40km out of Cancún, a a curious type approaches us. Dino turns out to be a fellow BMW rider out of Paris. He has been living in the are for decades and has a ecolodge on the Mayan Riviera called Jolie Jungle and a whole bunch of bike connections. He points us to see his buddy Augustin. On the way to Augustin’s we drop by the only BMW dealer in town to pick up a set of front pads. There is only one guy at the place as we walk in. Not even a nod to acknowledge that we are there as he is on the phone. His conversation continued for another 30 minutes as we are now impatiently waiting. In the mean time a couple show to see a bike they like. A mechanic all of the sudden pops out of nowhere to show them the bike, starts it and runs it for 10 minutes inside the showroom the size of my living room. At one point they are not even near the bike and the thing is still running. I open the main (only) door and hold them open to air the place while getting stares by the guy in the phone as the street noise is now getting into his important conversation. Finally he gets of and without a hello asked what we want and disappears in the back for another 10 minutes. Finally reappears with no pads and sets behind the desk to go over some paperwork with the couple. “You gotta be kidding me!!!” I approach him and ask what’s happening with the pads? After getting a stare like be just saw me for the first time he points me to the mechanic. Ok, once again the same routine, guy disappears for a while and finally shows with the long awaited pads but its the phone guy who has to punch it in. F*******K!!! Serenity now!! I go up to his desk. Luckily the couple is still admiring the running bike and seeing or hearing rather if the horn works. Politely but surely with frustration in my voice and face, I ask him to run it through. Slowly, as if I just asked a kid to go eat his brussel sprouts, he gets up the credit machine. “That will be $130 sir. Cash or credit?” “Sorry??!??” “Cash or credit?” He repeats. “No, the other part!” I my mind I’m beating this guy with the debit machine. “$130″. Without a remark I go outside to a) take a breather, b) explain the situation to Alex c) check my front brakes if I really need them as these guys are charging me more than double. Yup, I do. I go inside as these guys are beside each other with theirs arms crossed awaiting if they won or lost. “I’ll take it” I mumble. With disgust I pay for it and get the hell out. Maaan, I gotta call Augustin. I run back inside if I can use the phone to do a local call. “Land line or cell, sir?” I wasn’t sure and didn’t think it mattered. “This is a cell number, sir” he says as I show him the number. “We get charged for that”. I think he already forgot that he just overcharged me $80 on the pads. “Ahhh, f**k it” as The Dude would say, as I slam the door on the way out and hope for the glass not to break as a trade for my bike would be a fair deal for them for the damage.
Alecka BMW is the place on Avenida Bonmapark. Stay away!!!
I get a calling card and give Augustin a call for directions. His son Dylan meets us and leads us to their place. And what a place. Every guys dream garage. We get a warm welcome from Augustin and his Canuck wife Chara. What an awesome bunch of people. They obviously have no shortage of experience working on Bimmers as there is Augustin’s 1200RS and Dino’s 1100RT. Dylan and his dad have no problems servicing the bikes over the holidays as we head to chill to Isla de Mujeres for a few days.

The ferry only took about 20 minutes and the hotel Augustin booked us is amazing. With the dealer incident forgiven and forgoten im currently blogging from the hotel’s beach with and a chilled Sol. I’ll check back soon….


15 Minutes of Fame Dec/21/2012

23 Dec

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It was way into sunrise by the time we make it into bed so the alarm clock got set for 10am. We head east towards Cancún. A complete change of scenery as we are driving on narrow municipal roads through tiny towns of which some don’t even have electricity.
The road to Cancún leads right next to Chichen-Itzá. Alex had already seen it I didn’t have much interest but since it is claimed as one of the wonders of the world, I went. Already the town coming in, and Chichen-Itzá were completely packed with meditators, partiers and visitors of all kinds.
Comparatively, Chichen-Itzá is a bit bigger than Uxmal but unlike Uxmal, that is located in the middle of nowhere, it is in the middle of a tourist metropolis. Since Cancún, Playa de Carmen, Isla del Mujers and Cozumel are not too far away, the place was absolutely packed, and I mean shoulder to shoulder.
After a friendly nod from a cop on a Triumph Tiger, we park our bikes right at the front entrance. Just getting off the bike the onlookers start coming up and asking the usual bacchus of questions. Where we are from, where to, how long? Jim and his wife are motorcycle club owners from Vegas named were amongst them, were interested in every aspect of our trip.
Alex has been in previously so chooses to stay behind. Inside, literally hundreds of souvenir shops to add to the commercialism. After Uxmal where I had peace and quiet to explore and discover, this one was a little of a disappointment.

I step out outside and Alex and the bikes are drawing a crowd. People from all over the world. States, Germany, Mexico. Coincidently a gentleman also named Alex and his newlywed approach us well. This couple is from Chihuahua are owners of another moto club. The doctors club as they called it. All are pedos, gynos, dermos, etc. By now we are doing photo shoots with the non believers. “Autographs at the airport folks!!!”
We head out to yet another beautiful colonial town of Valladolid about 150km out of Cancún where we spend the night.



End of the World Dec/20/2012

21 Dec

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We packed early today and just tour around the sites here. First stop was Uxmal. A huge ancient city. It took us a few hours to get through it. We were notified that our tickets are valid all night and we can return anytime.




We drive to Muna about 10 km away to get lunch in the main square and continue our tour to ancient cities of Loltún, Labná and Kihuich before we head back to Marisol’s place.

So Marisol’s plans fell through and we ended up getting a hotel in Muna. Alex was a little tired and stayed behind so I went off venturing on my own. A few more sites a few more caves. We meet up at the hotel later and down to the square in Muna to have a few beers by the side of the road. About 5 fed cruisers pull up including fed tow trucks and other equipment and hang out for about an hour next to us. I can only assume they are doing a road block somewhere between here and Uxmal.
We get there at about 8pm and the place is closed. Like usual, whoever gave us that information just wanted to tell us what we want to hear but not everything was lost. We found out the place opens at 3am and thus will be open for the solstice. We weren’t about to head back and chose to make a bedroom in the parking lot only to be woken by a few security guards a hour later. At first they were persistent that we leave, but after making up a short story that we had tickets and we are meeting some friends for the 3 pm opening, they let us stay. I finally start to fall back asleep as the buses with our friends start pulling in. I lost couldn’t of the buses but there were about a thousand people by the gates when we got there. But wait, “why is everyone in white or yellow with yellow ribbons on their heads”? Alex is now sticking out a bit now with his Harley Davidson shirt. I blend in perfect with my yellow Elvis Presley shirt. So much that a lady moves over in line and has me pair up with her in line before the gates. That still doesn’t solve the ticket problem and who the hell these people are but it’s starting to come together. Yellow was only worn by the maestros as they later referred to them. Teachers of a kind. There was thirteen of them, fourteen with me and the whole mass was a meditation and a welcome of the new 14th Mayan cycle. Ok, ticket. I noticed they were checking them. As I’m a few steps from the gates sweating up another story, Alex pops up and hands me a ticket. The guy is as smooth as ever. Got them of one of the organizers.
Back at Uxmal again. Everyone gathers in a circle and a ritual begins. A speech in 3 languages with chanting in Mayan in between plus a lot of inscents burning a lot of hand raising to the sky. The solstice starts at 5:12 and the whole mass started meditating a few minutes into that. Finally one of the maestros started a speech at about 5:20 so I could finally shut my sport cam off and wasting precious gigs on silence and darkness. It’s set so it makes an insanely loud beep when it stops recording. This is so that I can hear it through the helmet at speed. The thousand meditators were stone quiet and I did not want to spoil the moment for them.
So this is how I saved the world. At least for these guys.

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