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Vets Cruzin for a Cause
BIG Fundraiser Car/Motorcycle Rally-San Diego, CA January 6, 2013


Treasurer CODY BROWN
BIG Fundraiser Car/Motorcycle Rally to help local Veteran Hotrod Shop Rebuild after fire burned down business.

Date: Sunday, January 6th, 2013
Location/Venue: Custom Graphics-9420 Activity Road, San Diego, CA 92126
Time: Rollin is at 9am-10am; Meeting officially starts at 10am and ends at 3pm.

All Makes/Models: Old School/New School, Hotrods, Motorcycles, Imports, Euros, Domestics, American Muscle, etc.

We here at Vets Cruzin for a Cause have a mission to assist fellow veterans with support in any way possible shape or form. The reason for the urgent request for assistance is because two veterans who owned a hotrod shop in San Diego reached out to the community to help them rebuild their shop. In the early morning of Tuesday, November 13, 2012 a devastating and tragic fire burned down their hotrod shop to the ground; a total loss of $150,000. Seeing that they did not have insurance to rebuild they requested from the community to help them rebuild and no one has heard their cries for help. VCC heard their cries and saw this great opportunity to help two veterans and decided this was a worthy cause to help these veterans rebuild.

On that note, we have decided to host a Fundraiser Car/Motorcycle Rally that will raise money to help them rebuild. We know that $150,000 is a lot to raise in one day late alone a couple hours, but the goal is to raise as much as possible so they can start somewhere.

We are asking all motor-heads, active-military, veterans, and supporters to attend. This is a FREE Event of course because it is basically a meet-n-greet of all car/motorcycle enthusiasts. If you have a ride and want to show it off to others then this is the place to be. This event will be heavenly televised, so maximum coverage of this event will benefit all in attendance. Raffle tickets will be sold for raffle prizes in an effort to raise as much money as possible. A 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the two veterans’ this event is being put on for,
so they can rebuild their passion for building hotrods for all to enjoy. Not only will you be greatly assisting in a great cause, but the chance to show your continued support to the veteran community here in San Diego.

We encourage you to spread the word of this event so that all will know from NorCal, CenCal, SoCal and beyond. We greatly appreciate your time and your continued support to our veteran community and to our cause. We are looking forwarded to seeing you all in 2013. Below is the news link of the veterans we are helping:

Please no show displays except for stand vehicle info displays. Due to limited parking we would like to get as many vehicles in as possible to show the max amount of vehicles. Absolutely no alcohol beverage or illegal drugs will be tolerated and accepted. Beverages/Food/Snack will be sold. Music DJ/Band will be provided for entertainment. This is a family event so please no burnouts, excessively loud music, or fighting/arguments or we will ask you to leave. Any problems we reserve the right to refuse entrance and will notify the Police/Sheriff Department to rectify the situation; let’s not forget why this event is being held for, otherwise have the maximum amount of legal fun as possible.

For anyone who is not able to attend, but would like to make a charitable donation to this cause here is paypal information connected to this event: When making your donation please put VCC Car Meet Donation in the subject heading.

Thank you for all your support.

V/r, Jacob Cruz Ratliff
Founder, Vets Cruzin for a Cause
US Army Airborne OIF-1 Combat Veteran

Kano Williams
Founder, Vets Cruzin for a Cause
US Navy Recon Corpsman OIF-1/OEF-1 Combat Veteran

Cody Brown
Treasurer, Vets Cruzin for a Cause
US Navy OEF Combat Veteran

Facebook Page:

Our Story…

We are a newly established Veteran Owned/Operated Charity Foundation & we are from San Diego, CA. We are a 501c Non-Profit founded in July 2011. Our company was founded by prior U.S. Army Soldier Jacob Cruz-Ratliff & Ret. Hospital Corpsman Kano Williams. We are combat veterans who wish to give back to our country and our fellow American citizens by creating awareness for the on-going struggles that still continue to face our troops. We also give heavily to the American Cancer Society. We create this awareness through our vehicles; using them as rolling tributes.

Our Mission as a non-profit veteran owned & operated organization is to use all variations of vehicles as a way to create awareness for the past, present and on-going military related affairs. We hope to raise money to provide bi-annual bike & car shows in selected areas, as well as, hosting an annual bike/car ride/cruise.

A portion of our proceeds will help keep our organization alive & allow us to shed a light on the slowly diminished awareness for our military and veterans of today & from our past. The other portion of the proceeds will be donated to other military related charities to help keep our thriving military & veteran community alive. As combat vets we know what it’s like to be out there in the fight risking our lives for one another. Now this is opportunity for us & the community to give back to those hero's that have given so much.

Remember regardless of your political orientation the war is still going on & the men & women of our armed forces are still in the fight. What they do when they are over there is not for politics or to satisfy someone's personnel agenda; they do what they must so that the ones to their left & right can come home safe. Let’s show our continued support for those who protect our freedoms.

To donate to our organization please contact us for more information.

“We want to speak for those who don't have a voice..."
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