blank 11/27/12 10:36AM Bike Storage in Winter. Amsoil, Oil, Syntehtic Oil

Now is a great time to change your oil to Amsoil.

    For many the weather is turning to cold to ride and itís time to but the bike up for the winter.  When talking to riders I find that a lot of them wait till spring to change the oil. ďDo you really want that old dirty oil left sitting in youíre bike all winter?Ē

       For those that are fortunate to still get to ride keep in mind that the MCF 10w40 and MCV 20w50 are 7,500 mile oils or 2x manufacture recommendations so you can ride longer between oil changes. Also if you would like get in touch with me, Iíll get you a copy of a 20+ page Independent comparison on Motorcycle oils and spec sheets for the Amsoil oils .


Moe Slick

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