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A Story of Passion
Guest Blog


In a world where money can buy almost anything, we have decided to let PASSION control us.  What is passion?  Well, passion cannot be bought, it cannot be measured in dollars and it cannot be taught.  You either have it or you don't.
We are Gabe and Chris Gibbany, calling ourselves Boneyard Choppers (of Northwest Arkansas).  We have a tremendous amount of Passion, what we don't have is MONEY.  We put every dime into furthering our hobby- a hobby that includes everything that LOVES gas.  We have an income of $25,000 a year (before bills) so we have to make every penny count.  We make the best bikes we can out of available parts.  We don't build "rat" bikes as anyone can build an ugly bike.  We try to build what we like.

We mainly just build bikes for ourselves, but would love for this to go further.  We stick to the vintage stuff.  We don't have a big fancy shop (or ANY shop for that matter) or any fancy tools to do "one off customs".  Instead we build bikes like they were built years ago- with stuff you had or could get from your local shops or swap meets.  This is not a new idea but it is one that we have fell in love with and will continue to keep the old iron of yesteryear on the road.

I (Chris) am currently riding an 81 Ironhead that we built and Gabe is riding a 49 Pan-Shovel we built.  I am almost done with my 56 Panhead and at the same time building a "secret" chopper and he also has a 72 Honda chopper and is starting a build on a 1918 Harley T.  Before building the 49 Pan-Shovel, Gabe was riding a 1939 ULH (big twin flathead) pictured above with our camper.


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