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DEER in the headlights. Deer Season Out There Friends.

Nothing Like A Deer ruin your ride.


Look out biker friends.

There's been a huge rise in deer-vehicle collisions over the past year, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

Be extra careful during mating season.

Mating season runs from October to December. There is a lot of deer movement during this time. As a result, more deer-vehicle collisions occur in this time period than at any other time of the year...ride safe out there.

1.2M deer were hit by vehicles from July 2011 to July 2012.

We are talking "frequency" here folks. aka: Your chances of hitting a deer, especially during a night ride, ...are relatively high.  According to State Farm Insurance Company, these 4-legged bumper encounters cost the insurance industry a whopping $4.0 billion in vehicle damage.

The average claim cost for a deer-vehicle collision during the above period measured was $3,305. Of course, costs vary widely depending on the type of vehicle and the severity of the damage. Bottom line, you hitting a deer with your motorcycle is gonna hurt and cost you plenty. Better have good motorcycle insurance. Go to . Save yourself the hassle.

The Insurance Pros say about 200 fatalities occur annually from deer-vehicle collisions.

Don't go to heaven via a deer collision biker friends. That beautiful "Bambi" in the photo below can ruin your day so always pay attention, especially on country roads where deer feed is plentyful.  

If you do hit a deer, the damage caused is typically covered under the comprehensive portion or your motorcycle/vehicle insurance policy. Not your collision portion of your policy.  Damage due to contact with an animal is a "comprehensive" coverage.

So how do you avoid collisions with deer?

1. Before and after sunrise - pay special attention for deer on the roadways.

2. Pay attention to "Deer Crossing" signs. These areas are known high-volume deer habitats.

3. Put your high beam headlight on to get more peripheral vision at night.

4. Scare that Bambi away. Use your horn to get the attention of deer and scare them away.

5. Wake up deer by blinking your headlights. Yes, "deer in the headlights" is true. Break their trance by going from low-beam to high-beam.

6. If you do hit a bit...pray. It's gonna hurt. Call 911 asap.

There you have it fellow bikers. God Bless Your Ride. May you never hit a deer or any other animal or object for that matter.

Ride Safe Out There...

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