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GPS Tracking ...Better than LOJAC

Protect Your Motorcycle or Power Sport Vehicle.

If your Motorcycle or Power Sport vehicle is ever stolen, rest assured, with a Guard Dawg real-time tracking system the location of your asset is just a click away.

Guard Dawg Tracking is Completely Customizable

More then just a powerful protection device, Guard Dawg Trackers fully customizable system allows you to select from a wide assortment of Security & Convenience Alerts. Including; Tamper Alert, Battery Disconnect Alert, Maintenance reminders, Low Battery notification plus many others for a truly personalized experience.

Accessible from any iPhone or Web Device

Guard Dawg tracking is accessible from any web enabled device, including iPhone, iPad etc.

Guard Dawg tracking comes packed with features like: automatic location

updates, motion sensor alerts, back up battery with instant remote access and much more!

Ride with confidence on your street bikes, quads, water crafts, ATV’s, snowmobiles and other power sport vehicles with our real-time tracking device.

Our distinctive design is compact, water tight and installs easily for a convenient, covert installation.

Guard Dawg Tracker Advantages:

· Be able to find or track your Motorcycle or Power Sport vehicle online at anytime in real time.

· 4 automatic updates daily. (user selectable)

· Know where your Motorcycle or Power Sport vehicle started and stopped throughout the day.

· Track the driving habits of the driver by receiving speed alerts.

· Be able to set 3 invisible safety boundaries around anything that the owner wants to be notified of crossing.

· Be able to disable and enable the starter online.

· Shut the starter off if your Motorcycle or Power Sport vehicle is stolen so it can be recovered.

· If your Motorcycle or Power Sport asset is being tampered with, and is being moved a motion

sensor alert can be sent to your email or by text to your mobile device.

Guard Dawg all in 1 Real-Time GPS Tracking

With Guard Dawg Tracking always be confident that your Motorcycle or Power Sport vehicle is safe.

You will wonder how you were ever able to sleep without this peace of mind.

Guard Dawg Tracking is designed to eliminate the worries and stress of your Motorcycle or Power Sport vehicle being tampered with, misused or STOLEN!

Guard Dawg Tracker features include:

Nationwide Tracking

Unlike other “Tower based” tracking systems that only can track your Motorcycle or Power Sport vehicle in select locations, our cellular based system provides true nationwide tracking capabilities.

24/7 Call Center

Our staff is available 24/7 to assist You & Law Enforcement in tracking, locating and recovering your Motorcycle or Power Sport vehicle.

Operates via iPhone app or any Mobile web device

Guard Dawg Tracker allows you to locate, track or monitor your Motorcycle or Power Sport vehicle from any iPhone, computer or web enabled device

Device Backup Battery

Guard Dawg Tracker has a 12+ hour backup power supply which allows you to continue to track and locate your Motorcycle or Power Sport vehicle even if the vehicles battery has been disconnected.

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