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Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
August 6-12, 2012 gotta be there to believe it!

August 6-12,2012...will you be riding to Sturgis?

WOW time for bikers from all over the world.

THE RIDE TO STURGIS. Check out the video.

If you are a biker loving gotta experience Sturgis at least once in your lifetime...


So many amazing events.


Then, there's the amazing Buffalo Chip Camp Ground & Party Central... 

...we are talking amazing Rockin' Roll Venue


Go Ahead! Ride to Sturgis this August 2012 and experience the time of your life. Guaranteed!

Ride Safe Out There,

Motorcycle Marc

For a good time follow me. MJB at and at 

Sturgis Main Street. Cool...super cool. The party is about to begin.

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