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Bellissimoto Has New Digs

BellissiMoto Logo
July 2nd, 2012
E-mail No. 37

BellissiMoto has Moved!!! 


Into our new, larger store located at:


6520 Whitehorse Rd.

Greenville, South Carolina 29611


However I regret to inform you that I was clearly unaware of just how slowly southern contractors actually perform work, and just how long it takes the ATF to perform a simple address change on your Federal Firearms License, so


I have decided to postpone our planned 4th of July party


It's true that we are still here, and operating at full capacity, and  


you're always welcome to come in and stop by!


We would just rather do things right then rush them around here, so forgive us and be patient, it will be well worth it!

Now get out there and ride this Fourth of July, as there really is nothing more American than exercising your throttle hand! 


Panigale Parts are HERE!

Ducati Panigale at the Dragons tail
Which is great, as I just picked mine up and completed 750 miles of riding in 2 days!

We've even set up a completely new section of our website devoted strictly to the Panigale, so make sure and check it out to get great things like this!  


Ducati Panigale Carbon Corse That's our carbon bodywork kit with a Ducati Corse style paint job pre-applied!   


Just stay tuned for more!

Ride safe!

Randall Nedescu
Owner - BellissiMoto Inc.
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