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In the late 80s   Wild West Motor Co was established, By the early 90s the company had grown to a point that it had to move into a more mainstream location, San Diego was chosen and the company expanded in that location.


In San Diego it grew to be a national company with dealers from coast to coast, with a segment on the History channel and nice growth in the very competitive custom motorcycle market which at this point was growing by leaps and bounds because of publicity on TV with Jessie James and American Choppers plus all the biker build-off shows. In those years (from the mid 90s thru the early 2000s) Wild West build and sold thousands of high-end motorcycles.

Wild West Motorcycle Company,


The company through the years have had two basic models of motorcycles that they have built, the Vigilante Gunfire, a pro-street style of bike and the Dragoon, a chopper style.

Wild West Motorcycle Company

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In 2008 after the economic downturn took place and the owners of Wild West MC decided to sell the company and move in a different direction. It was at that time Jim Winn and Raullo Hudgens bought the company and moved it from San Diego to Buckner Kentucky, this was the only way to keep the company going with the economic circumstances as they were and in part still are. Plus the company could meet the market in a more central location.


In Buckner a 20,000 square foot shop was equipped to manufacture the Wild West MC bikes, new design changes started taking place in 2010, such as going from a Mono-shock to a softail design and moving away from oil in the frame to a oil tank under the seat.


Today Wild West is building four models of bikes. The GUNFIRE is a high-end pro-street bike, the DRAGOON is a high-end Chopper the VIGILANTE is a mid-range pro-street/bobber model that was introduced in 2011, in 2013 the company will introduced a hybrid bagger called the Road Warrior with a Road Warrior Trike available also, this model will be longer more powerful and have all the goodies (stay tuned in).

Wild West Motorcycle Company


By keeping the company going, the owners of Wild West hopes to build and supply bikes to dealers that no longer have a NADA listed, DOT certified, source of supply, as we all know most of the larger high-end manufacturers have closed their doors, leaving limited supplier options to many custom motorcycle dealers around the country, Wild West MC realizes that they can’t supply everybody, but can put a few bikes in a few shops around the country. In order to reach the growth that is necessary for the company to continue to build the very best bike using the very best parts and not allow the company to over extend itself, the company will only allow controlled growth. If a person is in the market for a Wild West Bike or Trike, call us and we will get you with a dealer in your area.


At this time Jim Winn is heading up the company with the help of his sons Jimmy, Chad and Sterling, Jim has over forty years of bike building experience and has been involved in the start-up and growth of other motorcycle companies. He is an active participant in the building of the bikes that are produced at Wild West MC and as an engineer continues to work on the development of new models, as well as improvement and safety features of all models.

Wild West Motorcycle Company


Today the company is debt free and has the ability to move with the markets, the company has had a proven record in the past of building some of the most beautiful bikes on the road and will continue to do so, it is one of the few custom motorcycle companies still building. The bikes that ware the Wild West brand are still holding some of the highest values in the market today, and will continue to do so, and the bikes built in the
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