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RIDING IN THE WIND - Yes, there's safety & protection matters.

Motorcycle Marc's Adventures published a new post entitled "RIDING IN THE WIND - Yes, there's safety & protection matters." on 4/29/2012 2:57:37 PM, written by Motorcycle Marc.

               No matter how cool or tough you are, riding without a helmet could cost you your life.

Like many of you riders out there, I've pretty much done it all on a motorcycle over my 40+ years of riding.  Luckily, I've still got all my limbs and faculties still intact. But, there were a few close and scary moments. Thank God himself and thanks to the ma nufacturers of quality riding gear for keeping my brain in my head and for keeping road rash away from hitting bone. You know I care about bikers so let's discuss motorcycle riding safety and the type of protection you should at least consider for yourself and your loved ones.

Why is motorcycle safety gear so important?

Road rash...OUCH, accompanied by some big French swear words, I muttered as I skidded across a gravel road for about 30 feet. That really hurt I said to myself as I picked myself off the dirt looking at my torn jeans and leather jacket. Luckily, the ground was soft (not pavement) and I was wearing a helmet. Embarrased, but alive. Living and learning the hard way has been one of my hallmarks. Thank goodness for luck.   


Simple things like wearing proper riding leathers, a helmet and practicing emergency riding maneuvers can save your life. You would not drive a car these days without a seat belt, so why even consider riding a motorcycle without the proper safety equipment. Tough leather boots, goggles, heavy leather gloves, leather jackets and and pants/chaps ---all with armored strengthening will go a long way to making any crash situation more "enjoyable".  

It is really important to keep yourself protected at all times while on a motorcycle --- just in case you go down.

Why do riders need medical insurance?

                                                           Hospital Bills Are Usually V ery Ugly.

As someone who rides a 2-3-wheeled vehicle at high speeds, having quality medical/health insurance should be one of your top priority investments.  Medical bills from one motorcycle accident (or other cause) can wreck your financial life faster than you can shift from first to second gear. You need health insurance because you cannot predict what your medical bills will be. The purpose of this insurance is to help you pay for care from medical facilities. It protects you financially in the event of an unexpected serious injury.  

Get Medical Insurance online here.

Why do motorcyclists need Life Insurance?


Simple Reason - To protect the lifestyles of your loved ones should you go down and not get up. Life Insurance pays cash, usually tax-free, to beneficiaries that can be used for any purpose. Typically, proceeds from life insurance policies provide:

Income to spouses and children
Pays off mortgages and other loans
Can pay for college educations
Protects savings and other assets
Pays for funeral expenses
Can pay for whatever expenses your survivors can think of.

Click here to learn more about life insurance for bikers.

Accidents do happen. Make sure to protect yourself & your family's future.

                        Hitting a deer at any speed is gonna hurt if not not darn-right kill you.
I love motorcycling and I know most of you that subscribe to this blog love the freedom of the road that the sport brings to all of us. Enjoy the experience offered by this great hobby. Just make sure you make time to plan for the potential accidents that can come with the territory.

Ride Safe Out There,

Motorcycle Marc

              Bonneville Salt Flats - Bub's Speed Week 2011

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