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Helmet Styles for Motorcyclists

Motorcycle Safety Gear

Helmets are the most obvious safety gear that every motorcyclist needs to wear. The history of wearing helmets is probably as old as the history of motorcycles. Over time, helmets have evolved quite a bit. Currently, there are many different types of helmets available. Each of these have different names, and are different in terms of use and function. However, all of these helmets do one thing primarily – to protect the head from injury when there is an accident. Given below are a few of the different types of helmets that are available:

Skullcap or half-helmet

These types of helmets are generally worn by the riders of cruiser bikes. They offer only minimal protection to the head, and are mainly just worn for the fear of getting traffic tickets, or to present a certain “look.” These are also the cheapest helmets on the market. It is important to note that only the top portion of the head will be covered. These are good for you if you want to feel the wind on your face and listen to it whistling in your ears while you are on a long drive. However, they do not provide much safety to the head or brain in case of an accident.

Full-face helmet

Full face helmets provide the most protection to the head and face of the rider when there is a motorcycle accident. This is the type of helmet that covers the entire face, head, and the lower jaw. These helmets are generally worn by racers. There is a visor at the front through where the rider can see out. Generally the visor is made from a non-breakable plastic and is also scratch-resistant. This is the helmet that provides the best protection to even the eyes of the rider. These helmets also have good aerodynamic properties. However, one of the major cons of using such a helmet is that some riders might find it a bit claustrophobic. In addition to this, these helmets also reduce the perception and sensibility to sounds, which can cause inconvenience when riding. The visor might even obstruct the peripheral vision of the person driving motorcycle if it is not wide enough. During the winter, or other extreme temperatures, there can be steam formation on the visor.  

Modular Helmets

These are very popular types of helmets. These helmets typically have a front section that flips up so that the rider can eat, drink, or talk.  If the weather is too hot, or the traffic too slow, the front part can also be conveniently flipped up. These helmets are as safe as full face helmets when worn with the front flip down, as you would a full face helmet. They are also aerodynamic, if worn as full face helmets. One of the negative aspects of this helmet is that it can be heavier because of the other mechanisms installed so that the front part can be opened.

There are other types of helmets on the market, depending on your needs and wants. When shopping around for a helmet, consider the number of motorcycle accidents that happen each year. Avoid becoming a statistic, and be sure to be properly protected when riding. Investing in a proper helmet can save your life.


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