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Bikers in the Snow: Preventing Winter Boredom for Motorcyclists

Bikers in the Snow: Preventing Winter Boredom For Motorcyclists

Winterís here, and you packed your bike away for the season. For dedicated motorcyclists, this can be a big bummer. What are you going to do until April, take up knitting? Not likely. Motorcyclists are into motorcycles. Heavy, roaring engines, fierce, shiny chrome, big, black tires. Motorcycles need that bad bike kick. Snow may force you to stash your main squeeze for the deep, winter months, but donít panic. Bikers have tons of resources available to them to keep involved with their passion, even without the aid of actually getting a ride in. Hereís some advice for bored bikers who need that thrill, even without the ride.

Work on Your Bike

This is the big one. Even if you canít get out and tear up the freeways every night, you can still get things ready for the next run. Think of yourself as an athlete in the off season. You need to practice, study up, and stay in shape. Likewise your bike always needs care. Get that upgrade, complete your overdue routine maintenance, do what you need to prepare your motorcycle for the spring. When April arrives, and youíre ripping the roads like an unleashed beast, youíll be grateful for workshed hours you spent topping up your machine.

Stay Active in Motorcycle Culture

Youíre not the only in your position. Bikers are everywhere. Snowy winters hit hard in many places. Organize an off season club. You and your friends can talk shop, trade stories, and generally keep on top of your game. Thereís a lot you can do. The internet is chock full of messageboards, trade sites, and instructional videos to give you ideas to plan your next routes, maintenance projects, and gear ups. Subscribe to magazines, post to online friends riding high in hot climates, and maintain that connection. Youíll get ideas, inspiration, and that highway rush.

Get the Heck Outta Dodge

Itís nice out somewhere. Go there. Take some time off. The best way to get that kick is to get that kick. And no matter where you are, thereís got to be some place with good weather close. If youíre in Wisconsin, Pennsylvaniaís not too far away. Drive your car out, if you have to, and rent a cheap bike. A rental motorcycle may not be exactly the same as your own, but it will do the trick. Thereís no reason to sit around your blizzard torn town, moping around, and dreaming of a free lane. Bikers donít let the world push them around; bikers push the world around. Make the world adapt to you, and make your way into the hot sun and open road.

Winter Ride in the Snow

Try a Winter Ride

Be careful with this one. Itís not ideal, but people do ride in winter. If youíre experienced, you can do it. Keep in mind, though, that motorcycling in the winter is a risky business. And even in normal times, accidents happen all the time. Winter rides are beyond the scope of this article, but cold weather riding articles are out there. Find them. If you think youíre up to it, give it a shot.     


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