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Skirts to Wrenches Series at Russ’ Ocean State Harley-Davidson®:
October 14, 2015; Warwick, Rhode Island

Skirts to Wrenches Education Course
One of the fastest growing segments of the motorcycling community is women riders. Skirts to Wrenches is a three-part series women-only educational courses developed by Russ’ Ocean State Harley-Davidson® and presented at our Warwick Location. These workshops for women are designed to give you the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in the world of Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles. Three separate courses are offered and do not need to be taken in order. Each Skirts class covers new topics and skills that are relevant to the novice and the seasoned rider. Each class is free and includes dinner and an opportunity to meet other women riders.

Skirts I: (May 27th, 2015)

Skirts I is the most basic course and covers the basics on how to get started. You will learn how to find the right bike for you. Next you will learn how to make that bike fit you perfectly in our Fit Shop. You will also learn about the Harley-Davidson customization process and how to make your motorcycle into your own personal custom two wheeled dream machine. There will also be a class on General Merchandise including riding gear and helmet fitment. Finally, you will learn how to pick up a dropped motorcycle and have an opportunity to try it yourself! As with all of our Skirts Series classes, there is no charge, dinner is included, and there will be time to make new friends who love motorcycle like you do!

Skirts II: (April 15th, 2015)

The rubber hits the road in Skirts II. An introduction to technical literature (Parts Manuals, Service Manual, P&A Catalogs and Owners Manuals) is followed up by exercises and a graphic representation of mechanical theory. Next comes a course on packing a motorcycle for travel including packing your bags and loading a motorcycle on a trailer. Ocean State staff will demonstrate with an actual motorcycle and trailer the proper procedures for loading and unloading (an area where many bikes get damaged!). Finally Ocean State technicians will give a lesson on motorcycle maintenance including how to do a safety walk-around, check and change oil, check tire condition and pressure and more. The maintenance portion of the class is a good opportunity for you to ask a technician questions about issues you may be having with your own ride. No charge for the class, dinner is included.

Skirts III: (Oct 14th, 2015)

In Skirts III you get your wings. You will learn the basic principles of motorcycle science including the mechanical theory behind the operation of a 4-stroke engine with an operating cut-away and other visual aids you can see and touch. You will learn where the term “Twin-Cam™” comes from. You will also be introduced to the Women’s Riding Community at OSHD and meet and learn from our “Motorcycle Mentor” real women like you who live to ride. Hear their stories, get their advise, ask them questions, and become part of growing family of women who have decided to grab life by the handlebars and steer their own course. There is no charge any class, dinner is included.
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