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Best All LED Touring Kit Ever!

Rivera Primo’s® HedLed™ Touring Kit (1116-0204) has an all LED solid state 7” Headlamp & two 4 1/2” all LED Spotlamps, both with high & low beams that will outshine any halogen & H.I.D. light and most LED headlamps on the road today. State-Of-The-Art technology went into making these headlamps that outshine their competitors both in brightness and cosmetic cool. They look like old skool headlights, not something out of a science fiction movie and will fit perfectly on your old or new Touring bike that has a 7” headlamp and two 4 1/2” spots. Light up the road ahead of you like you‘ve never seen before, and because of the lower amperage draw of LED’s, they are perfect for older alternator systems found on earlier models!

Rivera Primo LED Touring Kit

Their signature integral LED turn signals / running lights on the 7” Headlamp are wired in separately, while the high & low beams are a simple plug n’ play into your OE wiring harness (2014 later models require #1240-0002 adapter harness). Use an 1116-0501 Programmable Load Equalizer to make the integral turn signal ultra bright amber LED’s strobe or use them just as turn signals. Wire them directly to a 12V switched source to just stay on all the time as running lights.
The 4 1/2” Spots are DUAL BEAM with a high and Low beam that is DOT compliant and will work whether your headlight is on low or high beam. These puppies could also be used as a stand alone headlight!!! Some slight wiring modifications are required. Buy a Kit and DO it!!


ONE 7” HEADLAMP (1116-0200)
AND TWO 4.5” SPOTS (1116-0203)
Retail: $640.51 USD
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