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The Need For Speed - Rivera Primo

Stuff About PowerDrive™ 6

When Rivera Primo® manufactures a product line, we look at several major components; functionality, fit and finish and range of application. In simpler terms we make stuff that goes on easy, works properly, looks great and fits lots of V-Twin motorcycles. Thats exactly what we did with our FLT style PowerDrive™ 6 transmission.

Finished in flawless high polish and show chrome plating, this PowerDrive™ 6 speed fits 1993-1998 Touring models and comes completely assembled with a black wrinkled oil pan and a billet aluminum oil fill spout that accepts the stock filler cap. It comes in two versions: A standard offset for stock bikes with stock width rear tires using a 5/8" swingarm pivot shaft (1214-0015); and a 1/2" offset for customs with wide tires and utilizing a 3/4" pivot shaft (1214-0018).

The oil fill spout (part #1215-0029) is carved from a solid block of billet, with cooling fins added for that 'high speed' look,  and then its beautifully finished off with our show polish finish.

Wanna make that new Powerdrive 6 speed look ole' skool cool? Add on our Sharpeye™ kicker kit to spruce up that retro chop to the tens! Models available for OE 5 speeds and aftermarket 6 speed transmissions. Also available with chrome kicker arm and brass bicycle pedal. (1215-0153)

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