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Kawasaki Ninja 300 Fairings and Design

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As far as sport bikes go, the 300 is suitable for beginners, although you may think otherwise once you find out the bike's top speed has been maxed out at 106 miles per hour.

1. Kawasaki's Ninja 250R 2008-2012 VS Kawasaki's Ninja 300 2013-2015

When put side-by-side the 250R, the fairing is immediately noticeable because it is taller. From a power standpoint, the engine has been streamlined and creates more power than the 250R at 34.77 hp as opposed to the 250R's 25.48 In addition to taller gearing and slightly more power, the gas tank has been scaled back a little bit in size at four-and-a half gallons, and fuel rates that came in at seventy miles per gallon, also an improvement over its predecessor.

2. Bodywork Design and Engine Power

The bodywork on the 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300 is what you would expect from the Ninja franchise; a daring, almost in your face sort of design that lets you know that although this may be a lightweight sport-bike, it holds an engine that is not to be considered lightly. For what is considered an entry-level bike, it is not to be underestimated. For starters, with its powerful engine, it also has very capable and forgiving handling ability (beginners take note). Also along those lines are the big brakes this sport-bike has, another feature making this bike attractive for those newbies and novices who may need the confidence associated with a powerful bike that may need immediate forgiveness from an over-eager and under-experienced rider... assuming the brakes do not throw said rider over the handlebars; shudder to think.

Timing is everything in life, so if you are a sport-bike enthusiast looking for that one extra reason to push you towards buying a bike, 2014 is a good year for Kawasaki's Ninja. In fact, this year marks the thirtieth anniversary of the Ninja, and its fairings and designs will pay homage to this milestone with some exceptionally robust looks and colors; green, to be specific. The graphics package for the bodywork is a respectable nod to World SuperBike Racing, as are the wheel-rim tapes, which have also been color-coded.

3. Available Color Schemes

Kawasaki's 2014 Ninja 300 is offered in three color choices, including ebony, lime green, or ebony and pearl stardust white. The fairings graphics kits, complete or otherwise, give the bike a very capable and almost formidably look, which is more than likely the desired effect, especially if you choose the Monster artwork. In keeping with the high energy drink guaranteed to rot your stomach-lining theme, Rockstar also has a line of complete graphics for the fairings kit, but they just don't look as cool. From this rider's point of view, if you're not sure just yet how you want to go with your fairings, start by investing in a windscreen graphic kit and some tight wheel strips so you can keep your options open.

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Indian Motorcycle


Motorcycle fans are invited to attend their local show to experience the game-changing new Indian Scout, the Indian Roadmaster luxury touring model, custom bikes, vintage models, and 2015 Indian Motorcycle apparel and accessories

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — December 9, 2014 — Indian Motorcycle®, America’s first motorcycle company, today announced its plans for this weekend’s Progressive International Motorcycle Show in New York City, plus other upcoming show stops across the country. Each event will prominently feature the stunning new 2015 Indian® Scout™, the industry’s most talked about new middle-weight cruiser, the ultra-premium luxury touring Indian Roadmaster, the Chief Classic, the Chief Vintage, the Chieftain, and much more.

“With a starting price of $10,999 and a perfect blend of power, balance, and handling that appeals to virtually every rider, we know the 2015 Indian Scout is the perfect holiday gift for the motorcycle,” said Steve Menneto, Vice President of Indian Motorcycle. “With the holidays fast approaching, we’re delighted to be in New York City sharing the affordable new Scout and the rest of our 2015 Indian Motorcycle lineup with our fans in the Big Apple.”

Experience the Indian Motorcycle Exhibit

Visit the Indian Motorcycle company display to check out the entire 2015 Indian motorcycle lineup, along with show-only features such as the Thunder Stroke 111 and Scout Engine Cutaways, hear a thunder Stroke 111 in action and much more. There will be vintage bikes on-hand including a beautifully restored 1935 Indian Chief, plus the board-tracker inspired Roland Sands “Track Chief” Custom, the Indian Scout Custom 101 as ridden on the Wall of Death in Sturgis, and much more.

Stop by and Hear the Road of the Thunder Stroke® 111 Engine

Indian motorcycle staffer will fire up an accessory pipe kitted Chief Classic and run it hard through the gears right inside the show, so you can experience the roar of the Thunder Stroke 111.

Friday – 3 p.m., 7 p.m.

Saturday – 10:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m., 4:30 p.m.

Sunday – 12 p.m., 2 p.m.

Custom Bikes revealed a for the show

Karlee Cobb PreivewKarlee Cobb of Klock Werks

Attendees will also be treated to two new custom Indian Scouts. Custom builder and Bonneville Flats land speed record holder Karlee Cobb of Klock Werks Kustom Cycles has created “Outrider” inspired by the rough and ready attitude of the new model.  Outrider is a bike that pumps up the attitude of the 100 horsepower bike, in a design that will inspire home custom builders. Also being revealed for the weekend is “Scout 42” designed by John Shope, owner of custom shop Dirty Bird. The Scout has long been recognized for its sporting heritage framed by racing wins, world records and performances on the fabled “Wall of Death.” The custom work on John’s “Scout 42” was done to highlight that legacy and give his bike an almost sportbike aesthetic, while not detracting from its core handling package.

Shope PreviewShope

Both bikes will be unveiled before the press on Thursday, December 11 at the Javits Center, and will be on display for the reminder of the 2015 IMS tour. Karlee and John will be signing autographs in the Indian Motorcycle exhibit on Friday from 2-3 p.m. and 6-7 p.m., and again on Saturday from 11 a.m. - Noon, 2-3 p.m. and 5-6 p.m.

Apparel, Accessories & Giveaways

A great collection in the 2015 casual wear will be on display, including hats and gifts for sale and attendees get a free 2015 Indian Motorcycle calendar with a $75 or more purchase.  Genuine Indian Motorcycle Accessories will also be on-display, including an array of quick-release Indian Scout accessories so riders can easily find the right fit. Attendees who stop by the exhibit and get their picture taken on an Indian motorcycle will receive a free gift, and Indian Motorcycle Rider’s Group members who show their membership card at the booth will receive an exclusive 2015 patch.

2015 International Motorcycle Shows

Indian Motorcycle will take part in the remaining 2015 International Motorcycle Shows, including Washington D.C. (January 9-11); Miami, FL (January 16-18); Dallas, TX (January 23-25); Cleveland, OH (January 30-February 1); Minneapolis, MN (February 6-8) and Chicago, IL (February 13-15). For more information please visit


Indian Motorcycle, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Polaris Industries Inc. (NYSE: PII), is America’s first motorcycle company. Founded in 1901, Indian Motorcycle has won the hearts of motorcyclists around the world and earned distinction as one of America’s most legendary and iconic brands through unrivaled racing dominance, engineering prowess and countless innovations and industry firsts. Today that heritage and passion is reignited under new brand stewardship. To learn more, please visit


Polaris is a recognized leader in the powersports industry with annual 2013 sales of $3.8 billion.  Polaris designs, engineers, manufactures and markets innovative, high quality off-road vehicles, including all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and the Polaris RANGER® and RZR® side-by-side vehicles, snowmobiles, motorcycles and on-road electric/hybrid powered vehicles.

Polaris is among the global sales leaders for both snowmobiles and off-road vehicles and has established a presence in the heavyweight cruiser and touring motorcycle market with the Victory and Indian Motorcycle brands.  Additionally, Polaris continues to invest in the global on-road small electric/hybrid powered vehicle industry with Global Electric Motorcars (GEM), Goupil Industrie SA, Aixam Mega S.A.S., and internally developed vehicles. Polaris enhances the riding experience with a complete line of Polaris Engineered parts, accessories and apparel, Klim branded apparel and ORV accessories under the Kolpin and Cycle Country brands.

Polaris Industries Inc. trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “PII”, and the Company is included in the S&P Mid-Cap 400 stock price index.

Information about the complete line of Polaris products, apparel and vehicle accessories are available from authorized Polaris dealers or anytime at

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Brute III Extreme 2007 Touring 1 3/4" Enclosed Belt Drive Fits 2007 & later Touring models.
New Product Release

Brute III Extreme 2007 Touring 1 3/4" Enclosed Belt Drive

Fits 2007 & later Touring models. (2015-0066)

Brute III Extreme Touring Enclosed Belt Drive

Are you tired of leaky gaskets and oily messes?

Rivera Primo's new Brute III Extreme 2007 Touring Enclosed Belt Drive for 2007 & later Touring models will solve all those nasty little problems and so much more. This baby will replace your antiquated chain drive thereby shedding your drive train of approx 25 lbs of unwanted rotating mass. This will make your engine work more efficiently, utilizing more of your horsepower to spin the rear wheel and much less to just turn the freakin' primary drive. To top that little miracle of physics, it also relieves you of all those nasty little maintenance jobs that you probably either haven't done, have done but hate them or pay the dealer a whole lotta moolah to do for you. Jobs such as primary oil change, gasket replacement, chain adjustments, etc. ALMOST MAINTENANCE FREE!!

Brute III Extreme Touring Belt Drive Inside View

Da belt!

Years of engineering and on-bike testing have enabled us to produce a state-of-the-art high strength 8mm primary drive belt. Layers upon extra layers of Aramid fibers makes the Brute III Extreme 2007 Touring one of the most durable enclosed belts & drive available today. Make no mistake about it!

That's great. But can it hold the power?

The Brute III Extreme 2007 Touring comes standard with our Pro Clutch™. Now we don't wanna brag (too much), but our Pro CLutch™ is hands down, the best clutch for American V Twins available. It holds the power with ease, but does not break your arm doing it. It is a diaphragm clutch which means it uses one cupped piece of spring steel to put equal all around pressure on the pressure plate. Antiquated clutches of by-gone eras used multiple coil springs and many other parts to put the pressure against the pressure plate. Problem was that the coil springs did not all have the same rate of collapse, so the pressure plate did not have an even distribution of pressure, plus the more you collapse a coil spring to put more pressure on the pressure plate, the harder it is to pull in the clutch lever. Diaphragm springs have a mechanical advantage over coil springs and are much easier to pull in. Lets face it gang, the diaphragm spring Pro Clutch™ is the absolute best!

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International Drag Bike League (IDBL) Launches
2015 Schedule






MECHANICSVILLE, Md.  - November 19, 2014 - IRG Sports + Entertainment™ (IRG) President & CEO, Jason Rittenberry, announced today that the company has launched the International Drag Bike League (IDBL), and has named MIROCK Superbike Series founder Jason Miller as the Promoter of the new series.


For 2015, the IDBL will be comprised of five events with four events at IRG owned Maryland International Raceway and one event at Atco Dragway. There are plans to expand the IDBL to additional tracks in the Northeast for 2016 and return to a seven or eight race schedule.


IDBL Promoter Jason Miller states, "I started the Mickey Thompson Tires MIROCK Superbike Series a little over a decade ago between Maryland International Raceway and Rockingham Dragway and it has always been my biggest passion. I have always done most of the leg work to grow the series into what it is today and I am very fortunate to have the support from our motorcycle racers, families, fans, sponsors, media, and staff. I want everyone to view this transition to the IDBL as an evolution of the MIROCK Superbike Series, and not a dissolution."


"Two years ago I added Atco Dragway to the MIROCK schedule and the series grew from two tracks to three tracks. The MIROCK events at Maryland International Raceway and Atco Dragway have always thrived with bike counts in the 600-700 range at every event, and we have even seen as many as 800 bikes at an event."


"I have enjoyed the personal relationship with Steve Earwood at Rockingham Dragway over the last decade, and I am very grateful for the support he has shown me over that time," Miller continued. "I wish him all the best with his facility, but we are moving onwards and upwards with the motorcycle series. I have never been more excited about the future of our sport than I am right now."


International Drag Bike League 2015 Image


The IDBL will be the same racing program that the MIROCK racers, fans, and sponsors have come to enjoy. All payouts, entry fees, admission prices, and vendor pricing from the MIROCK structure will remain the same for the IDBL. The IDBL will host the following nine classes: Orient Express Pro Street, DME Racing Real Street, Louis Concrete 4.60 Index, FBR Shop 5.60 Index, Cycle Connection Crazy 8's, Trac King Clutches Top Sportsman, Fast by Gast Pro E.T., Brock's Performance Street E.T., and Grudge. The IDBL will also honor Gold Cards from the 2014 MIROCK Champions.


In the coming weeks IRG will launch the new IDBL website at with all the details along with a new logo and branding for the series. Stay tuned for more information and exciting news in forthcoming press releases during the off season.


Be sure to follow the IDBL on Instagram and Twitter @RaceIDBL, on Facebook at and visit


We look forward to seeing all of our motorcycle drag racers, fans, families, sponsors, and media at the first IDBL event of the season at Maryland International Raceway on April 24-26, 2015.



Fast by Gast Spring Nationals

April 24-26, 2015

Maryland International Raceway

Fast by Gast Summer Nationals

May 29-31, 2015

Maryland International Raceway

WPGC Bike Fest

July 24-26, 2015

Maryland International Raceway

Orient Express Motorcycle U.S. Nationals

September 11-13, 2015

Atco Dragway


Fast by Gast Fall Nationals

October 2-4, 2015
Maryland International Raceway 


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3rd Annual Stangs vs Vettes
January 17, 2015, Seminole, FL

January 17, 2015  
Seminole Casino Immokalee's
3rd Annual Stangs vs Vettes
Head-to-Head Challenge!
3rd Annual Stangs vs Vettes Head to Head Challenge
Who's thinking about 2015? Mustang and Corvette lovers are!
Mark your calendar now! Saturday, January 17, 2015 for the biggest and baddest Mustang and Corvette show in Florida!
It's the Seminole Casino Immokalee 3rd Annual Stangs Vs Vettes Head to Head Challenge!  $2,000 total cash prizes! FREE registration! FREE VIP Mustang and Corvette parking! FREE $20 play for both driver and passenger, 21 years or older with photo I.D! FREE $10 food/beverage voucher for both driver and passenger, 21 years or older with photo I.D! FREE FLHRH T-shirt with proof of the FLHRH app on your smart phone! Music by Tommy Tunes and the FLHRH Sound Machine!
This is the show you can't afford to miss!! Why would you pay to be somewhere else? See you there!

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Performance Carburetor Kits for Harley-Davidson & American V-Twins

Sudco Keihin FCR Performance Carburetor Kits for Harley-Davidson & American V-Twins
Sudco Keihin FCR Performance Carburetor Kits for Harley-Davidson & American V-Twins
Keihin FCR Carburetors are acknowledged as the leading carburetors in 4-stroke motorcycle racing for their acknowledged performance gains thanks to their precise metering, high flowing flat slide throttle design and adjustable accelerator pump for quick response. Sudco International, America's motorcycle carburetor experts, have put together a complete line of easy bolt-up Keihin FCR 39 and 41mm Performance Carburetor Kits for many popular Harley-Davidson, American Big Twin and Sportster models.

Each Sudco Keihin FCR Kit include a pre-jetted Keihin FCR 39 or 41mm Carburetor that is ready to run for most applications, equipped with the correct linkage to work with stock cables, and includes an air cleaner/cover adapter, with or without a K&N Chrome filter. Retail pricing for Sudco Keihin FCR39/41 Kits begin at $597.45.

For additional information and to order, contact your local motorcycle parts dealer or Sudco direct. Dealers call Sudco for a copy of the Sudco Main Products Catalog featuring a compete line of stock replacement and high performance parts, including Keihin and Mikuni Carburetors, for dirt bikes, street bikes, ATVs and personal watercraft. The Sudco Catalog is also available digitally online in Easy Flip Pages, JPG and downloadable PDF formats. Sudco International, 2410 South Sequoia Drive, Compton CA 90220. Ph 1-310-637-8330 /

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Southern California Timing Association
Report from Indian Motorcycle

Indian Scout Southern California Timing Association Event

Photo by Barry Hatthaway

This past weekend, stealthily but quickly, Indian motorcycle made history. A new production 2015 Indian Scout and the fabled Chief named “Elnora” tore across the El Mirage dry lake bed in the final Southern California Timing Association event of the season. It was the last chance for the factory to earn an SCTA certified run, and both machines proved their lineage and durability with strong debuts by the rookie land speed riders.

The Indian Scout was ridden by none other than Gary Gray – the Director of Indian Motorcycle Products. Gary leads a team that interacts with both the design and the engineering groups to define the current and future products for the brand. Shepherding the product direction for such an iconic brand take somebody who isn’t afraid to get their fingers dirty. Gray spent several weekends in 2014 racing vintage Scout motorcycles in FIM and USCRA, and twisted the new Scouts throttle to a very fast 128.447 mph on the dusty mile and 1/3 course. The motorcycle Gary rode featured a stock engine, and was built to the P-P 1350 class and only modified the handlebars to race.. This same motorcycle will be tweaked by the engineering team for a return to the venue just to go faster and “see what she will do”.

Elnora was piloted by Indian Motorcycle PR Manager, Robert Pandya. The very same Chief that traced Cannon Ball Baker’s centennial route from San Diego to New York City in May, was re-fitted with stock fenders (though the back of the front fender was cut off) an accessory air cleaner, and a custom 2-1 exhaust pipe. Slotting into a modified class (A-PG 2000), Elnora featured custom 17” wheels and racing rubber, relocated footrests, and different handlebars designed to tuck the rider into the wind. She ran a stock Thunder Stroke 111 however, including the stock belt drive system, and despite being a hard-ridden development bike (ultimately destined for the crusher) she pulled out a 130.227 mph top speed.

Indian Motorcycle would like to thank the many friends of the brand who made the past weekend possible. Team Klock Werks’, Lloydz Motorworkz, RC Components, Dunlop, Fox Shocks,, Conquest Customs, Ricochet Customs, Saddlemen, the IMC Engineering, Dynojet and the great people at the SCTA, especially the Gear Grinders club for hosting us.

Now with both a 2014 Chief and a 2015 Scout officially running a sanctioned race event, Indian Motorcycle continues the tradition started by its legendary founders Hendee and Hedstrom – to build great products and to show the world what they can do.

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2014 IHRA Nitro Harley Champion - Mike Scott





 2014 IHRA Nitro Harley Champion

  Mike Scott   


NORWALK, Ohio  - No category within the Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series had a more exciting finish to the year than Nitro Harley.

With four drivers entering the final event of the season within reach of the title, the battle for the Nitro Harley championship came down to the final pass of the year between a trio of teammates with Mike Scott emerging as the 2014 IHRA Nitro Harley champion at the Summit Racing Equipment World Finals at Memphis International Raceway.

With two-races-in-one on the docket for the World Finals weekend following a rainout of the Pittsburgh Nationals earlier in the year, additional points were on the line in Memphis as Mike Scott, Randal Andras, Mark Cox and Jay Turner contended for the championship.

Scott began the weekend in style with a runner-up finish in the Pittsburgh makeup race, propelling him to the top of the mountain with three rounds of work ahead. But his weekend was far from over. A loss in the semifinals of race two would put his fate in the hands of his teammates, something he had hoped to avoid.

"I really wanted to get to the final and not have to put the championship in the hands of someone else," Scott said. "When the final came, I stood on the line and just hoped for the best. It was out of my hands at that point and all I could do was watch."

Ironically, all four drivers in contention for the championship advanced to the semifinals in Memphis, with Andras and Turner escaping to the final round.

With Turner and Cox officially eliminated from the championship, the battle came down to Turner Racing teammates Andras and Scott for the 2014 Nitro Harley title. With Scott leading the standings, Andras would need a win in the final to secure the title, while a win by Turner would seal the championship for Scott.

Adding to the drama, Andras blew a motor in the semifinals, but all three riders pitched in to help him make the call - a double-edged sword with so much on the line, but a decision Scott said this team would make every time.

"Of course I had mixed feelings, it is a championship," Scott said with a laugh. "We talked about it before. Jay could have gone out and ran the final by himself, but that is not how our team works. We win together and we lose together. Everybody was working on that bike, even I was in there working on it, so that was definitely a good deal."

In the end Andras held his own fate in his hands, but he couldn't get around Turner in the final race of the season. Turner ran a 6.295 at 220.48 mph in the final, sealing the championship for Scott, while Andras put together a 6.351 at 223.47 mph to finish second in the race and in the championship standings.

Scott's runner-up and semifinal finish in Memphis helped him earn a final tally of 821 points on the season, nine points ahead of Andras in the final standings. Scott, hailing from Blind Bay, British Columbia, finished the year with three wins, taking the season opener at Southwestern International Raceway in Tucson in March followed by back-to-back wins at the Spring Nationals at Rockingham Dragway and President's Cup Nationals at Maryland International Raceway midway through the year. All three of his victories came against his Turner Racing teammates, defeating Andras twice and Turner once.

"Jay is just the best. I am here because Jay put me here. He helped me win races all year long and gave me an unbelievable bike," Scott said. "I didn't ride well in Memphis and almost gave it away, but he went out there and got it back for me. What can I say, it was an amazing year and great to finish to cap the season."

Championship runner-up Randal Andras, from Amelia, Louisiana, recorded two wins in five final rounds on the season. Mark Cox, the lone rider in the top four not hailing from the Turner Racing stable, rode his Bojangles-sponsored motorcycle to a third place finish in the standings with two wins. Jay Turner finished fourth with one win, while Alvin Kobernusz rounded out the top five.

The extremely competitive season also saw both ends of the Nitro Harley record reset in 2014. Joey Sternotti set the new elapsed time mark for the class at 6.250 seconds at Bradenton Motorsports Park in April, while Cox set the new speed record at 230.76 mph, also at Bradenton.

Scott and Andras led the championship standings wire-to-wire, with the pair trading the lead multiple times throughout the year. On the year, nine different riders visited a final round, with Scott leading the pack with three victories.

"It was a great year for the entire Turner Racing team. We had a lot of fun trading the lead with Randal and, even as nerve-racking as it was there at the end, it was a fitting way to end the year between us," Cox said. "I want to thank Jay, Dorothy and the entire team for all they do for me. We look forward to seeing if we can add a few more of these trophies to our collection next year."






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